Fecal contamination in cenotes of Tourist and recreational interest in Yucatan

Exposure to contaminated recreational waters is a public health problem. Fecal contamination is established whenbacteriological assays are positive for total coliforms and Escherichia coli bacteria. This study´s objective was to establish how generalized fecal contamination was in touristic and recreationally used sinkholes in the Yucatan State, Mexico. We used an enzymatic bacteriological assay, Colitag® with […]

Realistic cost of living in Mexico for 2024 (VIDEO)

Basic Cost of Living update for 2024 Today I break down the basic cost of living here in Mexico without all the bells and whistles. We will be taking a ride through the New Parque La Plancha here in Merida Yucatan and talking about the cost of living increases here in Mexico. #Mexico#costofliving#livinginmexico Join this […]

If you are in Mérida, beware of this scammer

The Mexico Daily Post newsroom received a letter from a reader who requested to remain anonymous warning fellow expats and travelers about a certain individual who has been spotted around the city of Mérida, Yucatán, harassing and trying to scam foreign people. I have a little warning. This guy in the pictures goes around Centro […]

2 tropical disturbances observed east of the Yucatan Peninsula

A tropical depression or storm is likely to form soon in the central Atlantic, according to the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center. Invest 96L, located in the Central Atlantic east of the Leeward Islands, is forecast to become a tropical depression or storm during the next day or so. ➤ Track all active […]

Yucatecan Mangrove Forests at Risk Due to Urban Territorial Disorder

Senator from Yucatan Raúl Paz issued an urgent call to protect the mangrove forests in Yucatán as a fundamental measure to preserve the environment and ensure sustainable development in the region. The legislator expressed concern about the serious threat faced by the mangrove forests in different areas of the state, resulting from improper urban development […]