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Cannabis party closed in Mérida

- January 23, 2023

MÉRIDA.- A group of young people in Mérida, Yucatán, who held an event called ‘Roscannabis’ in a place known as El Santuario, located in the downtown area on Calle 85 at 54 and 56, whose access included a slice of rosca de reyes with marijuana

Who organized the Roscannabis event?

Although the event was not really something unexpected, since it was organized by the Cannabico Collective of the Sureste 420 A.C, and they were announcing it publicly in advance on social networks, for which they had called on January 21 at 4:00 p.m. hours.


However, between Saturday night and the early morning of Sunday, January 22, elements of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) broke into the cannabis party at the place called El Santuario and closed the business where the meeting was being held to freely smoke marijuana, and cut a rosca de reyes also prepared with marijuana.

Two people were detained at the site at the time of the closure of the cannabis festival that was taking place in the place called Café El Santuario, where the dynamics was to pay for access to participate in the event that included a slice of a Rosca de Reyes prepared with marijuana.

The organizers had publicized the cannabis party as an action to promote cannabis culture’, that is, at the event they would address issues related to the regulation of this drug, but also at the event they could freely consume marijuana.

However, it was reported that marijuana was not only consumed in the place, but that transactions were made in there to acquire and smoke the herb. The authorities closed the site and arrested two people, who were the ones who organized this event.

Activists call for the release of those detained at the cannabis party in Mérida

In this regard, on social networks some users have spoken out to respect the human rights of the people detained at the cannabis festival in Mérida demanding their release, as they point out, they were “unfairly detained”, like the activist Paola Santillán.

 Police operations to detect drug sales

The closure of the cannabis festival in Mérida occurred within the framework of an operation carried out by state and federal law enforcement agencies from the night of Saturday the 21st and the early morning of January 22, to detect the sale of narcotics.

This same week, a drug dealing center was dismantled in the municipality of Izamal and in the neighborhood of Los Reyes in Mérida.

According to the Youth Integration Center (CIJ), in Mérida the consumption of marijuana is between 45 and 60% and it has been proven that marijuana is the preference of young people between 14 and 28 years of age and in people of 45 and 56 years old.

Source: Diario de Yucatan

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