TOP 15: Most beautiful haciendas in Yucatan


Haciendas have existed since colonial times here in the Yucatan and throughout Mexico. During the 19th century, many of the corn-livestock haciendas, especially those in Mérida, were transformed into henequens. In the mid-1940s, when synthetic threads were invented, the henequen industry fell sharply and with it, the splendor of the haciendas.

Fortunately, some farmhouses condemned to become rubble have been converted into hotels, restaurants, luxury inns, museums, country and recreational houses, or profitable centers for social events.

Here is a list of the 15 most beautiful haciendas in Yucatan:

#1 – Hacienda San Antonio Hool

We can say that it is one of the most spectacular haciendas in the entire Yucatan peninsula in which we have been, but not only that, but it is also one of the most luxurious and exclusive of its kind, we will tell you what fascinated this place has left us. It has different rooms, machinery, a pool, restaurant, terrace, the main house, etc.

#2 – Hacienda Sotuta de Peón

Located in Tecoh, Sotuta de Peón is one of the few henequen haciendas that exist in full production and in which history is alive. Touring its facilities represents an extraordinary experience in which beauty, comfort and adventure are the protagonists of a journey through the glorious peninsular past.

The tour is carried out on wooden platforms, pulled by mules, with metal wheels that travel on Cauville rails, imported from France. You will be able to visit the Mayan house, a cenote, the machine house and to conclude there is a tour of the Main House, with wide corridors, antique furniture, paintings, lamps and a decoration that show the splendor in which the landowner’s family lived, as well as his refined taste.

#3 – San Antonio Millet

The San Antonio Millet Hacienda is located on the Mérida-Tixkokob highway. The Mayans called this place Cerro Rojo “Mul Chac”, which was a cattle ranch since 1667 and later a henequen farm, like all the neighboring lands that surround it.

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful haciendas in Yucatan with a dreamlike architecture.

At the end of the 19th century, this hacienda passed into the hands of the Countess of Miraflores, whom she baptized with the name of San Antonio Peón. At this time, an extensive remodeling of the main buildings began, as well as the construction of the chapel. With materials of French origin, medieval and Renaissance memories, the hacienda acquired its own unique style.

Yucatan is also famous for its land and sea delicacies, which is why the kitchen at Hacienda San Antonio Millet offers a culinary luxury.

 #4 – Hacienda Dzibikak

Located at kilometer five on the Umán – Hunucmá highway, La Hacienda Dzibikak, which in the Mayan word means written with fire, shines again thanks to its unique style that combines a classic colonial environment with many tasteful details that make of this a magical place that will make you fall in love. It is fully available for partial or total rental on vacation.

They have additional services such as: rooms, furniture, dance floor, decorations, among others

#5 – Hacienda Xcanantún

Located eight kilometers northeast of Mérida, the Xcanatún Hacienda emerged from prolonged neglect to become an attractive hotel and restaurant. The new tourist establishment has a restaurant, two swimming pools with a “snack bar” and sunbathing area, a gym, a “spa” service (facial treatments, relaxation treatments, etc.) and 18 suites. The facilities are distributed in just over 24,000 square meters of land, with tropical vegetation and colorful flowers.

Guests will be offered tourist plans that include visits to Mérida and the archaeological zones and cenotes of Yucatán. For entertainment, a “petanque” court (a European sport similar to bowling, but which is practice outdoors, in the sand).

#6 – Hacienda Zamna

Zamná is a place where nature is the main attraction. Located in what years ago uded to be the main henequen area of Yucatan in the municipality of Baca and in the country more than 100 years ago.

They have a super incredible horseback tour where you will get to know a large part of the ranch. They also have a sheep breeding center ideal for the little ones so they can be closely with the guests of the place. Perfect to connect with nature!

#7 – Hacienda Chichi Suarez

The Chichí Suárez Hacienda was founded in the 16th century by the conquistador Don Alonso de Rosado, it is one of the oldest haciendas in Yucatán. It is said that in 1626, after passing through several owners, it was sold for 100 pesos by the Doña Catarina de Andrade to Don Juan de Montejo Maldonado, grandson of Francisco de Montejo el Mozo, founder of Mérida.

The Chichi Suárez hacienda is an old building that, despite not having been restored and being in a dilapidated state in some parts, still maintains decorative elements and motifs that give it special interest. The main house has a large neoclassical pediment and a corridor of arches supported by slender columns. In general, as in other cases, his style has been called “eclectic” for being influenced by various trends, mainly neoclassical.

#8 – Hacienda Teya

Hacienda Teya is only 12.5 kilometers from Mérida and has gradually established itself as an important attraction for visitors. Its architecture enchants all visitors, due to its green areas and corridors, the country atmosphere and the essence of the past that are breathed in its facilities.

The first thing to be fixed is the main house, which today houses the La Cava restaurant, the Stained Glass Room, the Map Room, and also the rooms for rent. The chapel is another of the restored sections.

It is one of the favorite places for the people of Merida to taste a good meal in its restaurant and enjoy the scenery, and it is equally for foreigners, who choose Teya for a pleasant rest on their route through the Mayan World. Important personalities have visited the place, for example, Queen Sofía of Spain, who visited Yucatán in 1991.

#9 – Hacienda Yaxcopoil

Yaxcopoil, which in the Mayan language means “Place of the green poplars”, brings together in its history the three great periods of yesterday’s Yucatan: pre-Hispanic life, colonial life, and the henequen boom of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is located within the limits of Umán and Mérida.

The Yaxcopoil Hacienda has an enormous central plaza around which is the machine room, the shredder, the warehouses, the school, and the infirmary. One of the beautiful halls of the hacienda, the so-called Mayan Room, transports us even more to its history, since it contains numerous vessels and archaeological pieces found in the Mayan ruins of Yaxcopoil. The majestic main house with spacious rooms, high ceilings, large windows, and doors, is surrounded by colorful green gardens and exuberant vegetation. The European atmosphere is still breathed thanks to the conservation of original furniture from that time.

#10 – Hacienda Xtepen

Hacienda Xtepén means “butterfly wing”, and it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Yucatán peninsula. It is the ideal place to celebrate, hundred-year-old trees, exuberant gardens and colonial architecture will frame with great style a celebration as special as saying ” Yes I do” or a graduation.

It is also found in Uman. It has a forest of Ficus, chapel, pool area, the garden of the 4 seasons, the Unicorn room, etc.

#11 – Hacienda San Juan Opichén

The Opichén Hacienda whose original name was Hacienda San Juan Opichén. It is a former henequen hacienda. They are the first Hacienda – Hotel and Gallery in Yucatan. A place where the past collects new memories being part of your new story.

In the gallery, the decorative pieces are true antiques from all over the world, with furniture dating from the original French 18th and 19th century, and murals painted on the walls. They also have a chapel with works from the 17th century and an altarpiece by the artist Agustín Parra Echauri, creator of religious images in the Mexican colonial style and the only one authorized by the Vatican to create these works of art.

You can also find a cenote, which is in the back of the house that belongs to the San Juan Opichén hacienda. The interior is made up of a vault which is seen modified although the natural beauty of the cenote is preserved, and it was adapted so that guests can explore it.

#12 – Hacienda Sac Chic

La Hacienda Sac-Chich is a spectacular place to spend a few days in a relaxed atmosphere and away from everything, and even to celebrate your social events such as weddings, XV years, among others.

It has two more complexes, in addition to its own facilities: La Casa Sisal and La Casa de Máquinas. The first is surrounded by ponds and a large green lawn, it is lit very dramatically. The Powerhouse features sites made of limestone and an 85-foot chimney. Here you will find two other small buildings called: Casa Antigua and Casa Nueva. It also has a sunken sitting area, and outside in the walled garden, there is a sofa and a swimming pool.

#13 – Hacienda Santa Cruz

La Hacienda Santa Cruz is a boutique hotel located in the middle of the Cuxtal ecological reserve, based on the idea of conviviality, nature and peace, in which guests’ comfort and privacy are especially cared for.

Special effort has been made to preserve the natural environment of the hacienda (presence of numerous kinds of birds, lizards, and small mammals). It is distinguished from other haciendas by the fact that the owners live in the place, which allows them to take care of the comfort of the guests and provide them with personalized attention. Tranquility, luxury, conviviality, nature, such are the fundamental motivations that move the Santa Cruz hacienda.

#14 – Hacienda San Diego Cutz

The San Diego Cutz Hacienda is a town that dates from the 19th century, it was a henequen (cultivation of a type of agave) and cattle ranch, with a colonial style architecture. The San Diego Cutz Hacienda is a hacienda house that has been restored so that in every detail you can make a remembrance of its time.

Today it has a house-museum, two halls that are open during a event for guests to visit, a machine room for private events, a bullfighting bar and large gardens. The main house and annex rooms remain open during events so that guests can appreciate the interior of this majestic Hacienda.

It is located at km. 5.8 of the Nueva Cholul – Chicxulub Puerto Highway

#15 – Hacienda Temonzon

The Temozón Hacienda belongs to the municipality of Abalá, whose name means “whirlwind”, ideal for going back in time and breathing the atmosphere of economic prosperity that Yucatan experienced at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.

Industrial vestiges and elements typical of fiber processing are visible. The old machine room and the drying patio have been preserved. The arcade of the main house welcomes us and summons us in a pleasant room, now converted into a restaurant serving select traditional Yucatecan and international cuisine.

It has 28 spacious luxuriously furnished suites and spacious bathrooms with modern facilities, the patron’s room or presidential suite, swimming pool and cenote.

Source: Top Yucatan