Tragic ride to Progreso, Yucatan; he went into the sea and this happened


PROGRESO.— Tragically ended the journey of a visitor to the port of Progreso, Yucatán, where he lost his life.

The events occurred around 5 in the afternoon of this Sunday, March 12, when the emergency units moved to the International Boardwalk, by Calle 85, due to the report that a man had lost his life.

It turned out that it was a young man of just over 30 years of age, who under an alleged alcoholic state went into the sea, but at one point he lost control and the tide ended up dragging him away.

When he had already drowned, the same waves carried him out to the shore, but there was nothing to do for him anymore.

He spent some time as an unknown because it was thought that he had gone alone. However, shortly after a young man approached who identified him. He offered information to the Police and elements of the PEI who arrived at the site to carry out the corresponding investigation, while the Forensic Medical Service arrived at the site to lift the body.

It was striking that in addition to the curious who came to witness the events, since a good number of visitors came to the port this Sunday, many people, including children, continued to bathe in the sea near the area of death.

Source: Diario de Yucatan