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Holcá-Kantunilkín highway, the most dangerous in Yucatán

- April 17, 2023

A single lane, hundreds of heavy vehicles transporting construction material, many of them not respecting their transfer measures and some others violating traffic and road regulations; material such as gravel, dust, nails, rods, etc. They are scattered on the pavement and the most serious thing is the lack of signs; consequence of the construction of the railway tracks of the Maya train in the section of one of the most expensive toll highways in the country, Holcá-Kantunilkín.

All of the above mentioned by those who were users of this highway service and because they suffered or saw accidents, some with fatal consequences, stated that at first they began to use the alternate federal highway, but when they found that it was very busy, very narrow and existed in several sections the departure of a large number of trucks leaving banks of material transporting it to build the railways of this federal project, since then they chose to travel by the Valladolid-Tizimin-Mérida highway, being safer, although a little longer .

Users declared that the concessionaires of this highway should have considered reducing or offering alternatives for the toll payment for the reasons mentioned, but they never did it and what if it stopped being safe due to the many accidents and also was no longer short in time .

Users expressed their trust in the Maya train hoping to travel comfortably, safely and save time and money, they concluded.

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