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Two people die in road accident on free road from Mérida-Cancún

- February 7, 2024

Two people dead, one injured and three vehicles involved was the result of a tragic accident registered on the federal free road Merida-Cancun, exactly at kilometer 168+500 of the Valladolid-Tikuch section.

According to reports, the incident occurred when the driver of a GMC Suburban vehicle, with plates from the state of Yucatán, recklessly tried to overtake another car.

At that moment, from the opposite side of the road, a white Toyota Avanza van with plates from Quintana Roo was coming, with which it collided head-on.

A third vehicle involved was a Dodge Ram 4000 cargo truck with plates from Yucatán, which was traveling behind the Avanza van, the driver seeing that the first cars had crashed, tried to dodge them, but when he turned the wheel he lost control of it, partially leaving the road and ending up crashing into a tree.

In the Toyota Avanza a couple, man and woman, of approximately 35 years of age were traveling who were trapped among the twisted iron. Meanwhile the van began to catch fire.

The fire quickly covered the entire unit and as much as several drivers of other cars tried to rescue the couple, they did not succeed. They died burned and from the serious injuries suffered.

For its part, the Suburban ended up overturning on the side of the road and its driver was trapped inside the unit, with several injuries and blows to various parts of the body.

Several units of the coordinated municipal police of Valladolid arrived at the scene, as well as the state police with the support of three ambulances from the same corporation.

The driver of the Suburban van was evaluated by paramedics, who later transferred him to the General Hospital of Valladolid for his evaluation and medical attention.

In another unit the driver of the Ram van was also transferred for his medical evaluation, as he was polytraumatized.

The site was cordoned off and flagged, until the arrival of personnel from the FGE and the Semefo, for legal purposes. So far the couple remains as unknown.

Source: Quadratin