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Merida Aerospace to Launch Rocket, Space Center in Mexico

- March 8, 2024

With the goal of enhancing space education and exploration in Mexico, Merida Aerospace, a Florida-based aerospace company, has announced plans to establish a National Rocket and Space Center in the Yucatan Peninsula. The project, which draws inspiration from the US Space and Rocket Center in Alabama, seeks to position Mexico as a key actor in the growing space economy.

The company says that the National Rocket and Space Center will be a comprehensive facility with cutting-edge amenities such as a museum, observatory, and immersive experiences for the public. At the same time, it will host space camps that offer practical training for students and individuals who are interested in space operations.

Merida Aerospace wants to inspire engineers to excel in the space industry, promoting the creation of world-class projects. These projects cover various aspects of the space industry, such as launch rockets, propulsion systems, satellite systems, planetary exploration rovers, and robotic systems.

One of the main goals of the project is to create a specialized platform for aerospace engineering studies in the field of astronautics in Mexico. The project also intends to function as an active center for the development and innovation of astronautical technology through dedicated laboratories.

The company plans to work with local universities to nurture a new generation of astronautical engineers, providing them with the skills needed for space exploration and the development of advanced technologies. Through these initiatives, it will be possible to generate a talent pool that can contribute to the expansion of the space industry in Mexico.

The project is also expected to create new jobs and attract investments from aerospace companies, especially in space exploration. Merida Aerospace also plans to cooperate with the Mexican Space Agency (AEM) and NASA to highlight Mexico’s commitment to becoming a leading member of the global space community.

Source: Mexico Business