Crime index growing alarmingly in Mérida, Yucatán

In Yucatán, a large percentage of impunity prevails, according to the group “México Evalúa”. According to data from the entity, 80 percent of the crimes that are reported to the State Attorney General’s Office remain in total impunity. Last year, 4,029 were presented to the Public Ministry for various crimes, however, 3,223 remained in total impunity or those responsible were […]

Teenager moves to Yucatan escaping from the police but gets arrested

Rafael “N”, 19 years old, thought that it was going to be very easy to hide in Yucatán after being accused of rape in the State of Mexico, but things went wrong and he ended up detained and handed over to the Mexican authorities. According to the report, this subject faces charges of rape in that state in the […]

Crime wave unstoppable in Celestun, Yucatan

Man about to be lynched for causing damage to a church in Celestún Celestún, Yucatán (January 5, 2021). – Tired of the frequent robberies in the port, residents of Celestún were on the verge of lynching a subject, allegedly from Veracruz, who caused damage to the chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe, located in this coastal […]