Five of the best countries for expats in 2023

A new survey on living and working abroad has revealed the best countries for expats to live. From Malaysia to Mexico, residents explain what makes them love their new home. Whether it’s navigating the nuances of a new culture, seeking out the best local haunts or establishing new friendships, living abroad has no shortage of […]

Yucatan Expat remodels modest property in Dzoyaxché

(Yucatan Magazine).- David W. Keelan, a Pennsylvania native who left Mérida for a more tranquil life in Dzoyaxché, a small comiseria south of the city. He is taking the natural approach to restoring a home there. Peace will come again, one day, to David W. Keelan’s modest property in Dzoyaxché. But that won’t happen until […]

A quick guide to Mexico’s ‘boat people’ expat subculture

Much has been written about the many people who live in Mexico part-time or full-time, but relatively little has been written about Mexico’s different expat subcultures. One group I haven’t found anything about is people whose experience in Mexico revolves around the use of their own personal boats. A Google search just brings up a bunch […]

Expats are loving Mérida! This is why…

Earlier this summer I finally ticked off a destination on my travel bucket-list; travel to Merida, Mexico. I am here to confirm that it surpassed all expectations and I haven’t kept quiet about it. Honestly, I hardly expected less; everyone speaks highly of Mérida. The city has turned out to be a favorite amongst Black travelers. […]

Step by Step instructions; New Requirements for Mexicans Age 18 & Foreign Residents “Expats” to Register with SAT by July 1st

All foreigners in Mexico on Residente Temporal & Resident Permanente visas, and anyone over age 18 with a CURP, face 3 new requirements by July 1’st, 2022. The latest changes to Mexican law will require foreign residents to: 1. Get RFC numbers (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes) from SAT-Hacienda to register as a taxpayer-resident in Mexico, […]


For digital nomads, that is, 3 million people who can work remotely, leasing in the country will grow 20% say experts Do yourself a favor and work remotely from Mexico City, it’s truly magical,” Becca Sherman posted in English on her Twitter account last February, and her tweet went viral. The publication generated a whole […]

DON’T Move to Mexico Before Watching This Video

Move to Mexico with confidence after deciding if Mexico is truly for you. Watch this video to learn more Free living in Mexico guide for expats… The most common US prescriptions and their equivalents in Mexico… Another YouTube channel I recommend about moving to Mexico @Retired Life in Mexico NO BULL For The […]