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Yucatan Expat remodels modest property in Dzoyaxché

- August 25, 2023

(Yucatan Magazine).- David W. Keelan, a Pennsylvania native who left Mérida for a more tranquil life in Dzoyaxché, a small comiseria south of the city. He is taking the natural approach to restoring a home there.

Peace will come again, one day, to David W. Keelan’s modest property in Dzoyaxché.

But that won’t happen until the contractors are gone, including Don Pedro, a bricklayer whose grandfather and mother once lived in this 100-year-old house. Then David will finally have the peace and quiet that drew him from the Centro to this remote community. 

A three-quarter wall was removed and replaced with an open bookcase to bring light and airflow into the main part of David W. Keelan’s house in Dzoyaxché. Photo: Lee Steele / Yucatán Magazine
In 2021, David W. Keelan examined his future property in Dzoyaxché. Photo: Lee Steele / Yucatán Magazine

The property was abandoned for years, possibly decades, before it was put on the market and, through word of mouth, was encountered by central Pennsylvania native David W. Keelan. 

His home is in chaos, but the tranquility of the rest of Dzoyaxché has a hold on David, who is in his late 50s and retired after living in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. He says he’s always gravitated to the country. 

When he first saw it two years ago, its 15-foot stone walls were supported by old wooden beams, seemingly defying gravity. It was basically a single room, divided by a three-quarter height wall with a cutout, just a meter or so from a quiet road. It was years from being possibly irretrievable. 

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