Using Banks, Credit Cards & ATMs in Mexico

There’s a whole new generation of credit card skimmers at Walmart et al that are surprisingly good… Can you spot the fake…  from the real one? …. Because the thieves have to snap the skimmer mask over to the real credit card reader,   the fake ~skimmer~  is a little wider, and a little taller. […]

Yucatan Expat remodels modest property in Dzoyaxché

(Yucatan Magazine).- David W. Keelan, a Pennsylvania native who left Mérida for a more tranquil life in Dzoyaxché, a small comiseria south of the city. He is taking the natural approach to restoring a home there. Peace will come again, one day, to David W. Keelan’s modest property in Dzoyaxché. But that won’t happen until […]

Second foreigner found dead in the north of Merida within a week

The deceased was a 48-year-old American citizen. Mérida, Yucatán.- On Tuesday, September 14th, the body of a foreigner was found on the fifth floor of an Up-town Merida apartment building in the Montes de Amé neighborhood, north side of town. The victim has already been identified as Matthew “N”, who was 48 years old, but […]