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First it was in Ecatepec, now in Mérida: this is how Dr. Simi’s colonies advance 

- August 25, 2023

In September 2022, Farmacias Similares inaugurated a project that it seeks to take to the national level: support popular neighborhoods with high rates of marginalization by repainting house facades, public spaces, and waterproofing. They are called Colonias Simi and so far, there are 3 in the country. 

The first Colonia Simi was born in 2022 in San Carlos Cantera, a neighborhood nestled in the foothills of the Sierra de Guadalupe, in the municipality of Ecatepec, State of Mexico, adjacent to the north of Mexico City and one of the most populated and with the highest rates of marginalization in the entire country. 

Almost a year later the second Colonia Simi arrives, now in Tixcacal, Mérida, in the state of Yucatán. In this area where the social gap is still important, Farmacias Similares promoted the repainting of facades and waterproofing of 300 rooftops, where 115 faces of Dr. Simi were also captured to form a macromural that can be seen from the planes that land at the Merida Airport. 

Work on the Colonia Simi in Tixcacal began on February 26 of this year and on August 24 it was finally inaugurated, with the assistance of the executive president of Farmacias Similares, Víctor González Herrera, and the governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Vila. 

The intervention included the implementation of sports and recreation spaces, as well as the installation of a community garden, a rainwater harvesting system, access to free medical care, medicines, and food support. 

The works also included the construction of two covered bleachers for 200 people, a cyclone mesh, a bathroom, changing rooms and a storage room on the soccer and baseball field. To strengthen the habit of exercise, a multi-exerciser was installed, and an orchard was created to achieve food autonomy. 

A wellness room of the SimiAPSE program (Psychological Support and Emotional Health) was also opened, which will provide free face-to-face psychological care. In addition, Colonia Simi will accompany the Tixcacal community with the delivery of pantries, medical brigades and donation of medicines. 

During the event, a collaboration agreement was signed between Renán Barrera Concha, municipal president of Mérida, and Víctor González Herrera, executive president of Grupo Por Un País Mejor, whose objective is to reinforce health and food programs in favor of the development of marginalized communities, especially from the Comisaria of Tixcacal . 

The Colonias Simi project has a third point under development in Nueva Almaguer, in the municipality of Guadalupe, Nuevo León, where it will replicate what has already been done in San Carlos Cantera, Ecatepec, and Tixcacal, Mérida. The objective is to promote vulnerable communities through seven axes: 

     -Food: assistance brigades and delivery of pantries to families. 

     -Physical and emotional health: health campaigns, free medical and psychological consultation, medication donation and workshops for emotional well-being. 

    -Dignifying the house: painting houses, waterproofing roofs and making a macro mural. 

   -Sport: rehabilitate the sports fields and place a multi-exerciser. 

   – Recreation: restore children’s games. 

   – Environment: reforest the area, community garden, rainwater harvesting system, environmental education and eco-techniques. 

    – Service attention: water and electricity, in a second stage. 

Source: Forbes 

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