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Try Merida’s gourmet-style rabbit and quail at la Linea

- December 17, 2020

The Línea restaurant, specialized in lean meat but with great flavor.

Run by its young owner, chef Eric Hernández García, the place specializes in rabbit and quail meat, but also offers options such as flank steak, seafood, and other types of poultry that are more conventionally consumed in Yucatán.

Everything is prepared with a gourmet-style and with the country-style atmosphere that the restaurant has, it undoubtedly becomes an ideal option for those who want to leave the city, but without traveling so far.

Linea Restaurant is located on Calle 50 (road to Xmatkuil) between 205 and 207, Colonia Plan de Ayala Sur III. Its working hours are from Thursday to Sunday from noon to 7 p.m.

Why gourmet food in the south of Mérida? we asked him.

“Because the south also deserves it”, answered without hesitation Eric Hernández, a young chef who graduated from the Universidad Tecnológica del Poniente in Maxcanú.

Due to a problem with his passport, he could not travel to Spain for a stay at the end of his degree, but he managed to do it at the Viceroy Hotel in the Riviera Maya, where the panorama was opened to him.

Upon returning to Mérida, he decided to take advantage of all that experience. His family owns a small commercial area where he opens the Línea restaurant, which began operating at the beginning of this 2020 but had to close forced by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the economic reactivation, it reopened its doors with new spirits and ready to conquer the most demanding palates.

Eric comes from a family established for many years in Plan de Ayala Sur III, where he is also promoting the raising of rabbits and quail to improve his production chain, so his cuisine can be as organic as possible.

During the visit to Línea, we had the opportunity to enjoy a rabbit in an almond sauce and vegetables sautéed with garlic oil, accompanied by a bean puree and a spiral of sour cream and sliced ​​almonds.

Also quail with caper sauce, a half-moon shape of burnt chili powder, peppers sautéed with butter and grilled lemon.

Use a marinade based on various spices, such as ginger, minced garlic, cumin, and chili pepper. He also uses pineapple as a meat tenderizer.

Both dishes are highly recommended, but if your palate wants something better known, it also has seafood, flank steak tacos, lamb, and other poultry that are consumed on daily basis.

It has a chicken roll in mole de olla that goes very well with the country style of the place.

Eric also has fish ceviche with dark beer and peppers. Also green ceviche with celery, lime, and xcatic chili. If you want something more elaborate, it also has a seafood molcajete.

For those who want to try everything, he has a table with different types of meats, including of course the house specialties: rabbit and quail, all accompanied by sauces and garnishes.

Do not forget to visit Linea Restaurant, it is a good option to eat gourmet in a country-style family atmosphere because the place has a swimming pool, a very pleasant view that you even forget about the heat.

Prueba conejo y codorniz estilo gourmet en Línea, restaurante de carnes  magras con gran sabor – Yucatan Ahora

Also with your visit, you support a young entrepreneur who at 22 is already fulfilling the dream of having his own restaurant.

More information at 999 209 2098 with chef Eric Hernández García at Restaurante Linea FB

Source: yucatanahora.mx

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