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Long lines and disorder at Merida’s O’Horan Hospital to receive a Covid vaccine

- January 16, 2021

A few days after the arrival of the first shipment in Yucatán, the application of the vaccines against Covid-19 has created apparent disorder and complaints of a total disorganization at the O’Horán Hospital.

Not only on Friday, January 15th, buto also on Saturday 16th, long lines of health personnel waiting to receive the vaccine have formed outside the hospital.

Since yesterday, questions have arisen around the application process because several young people of administrative rank, who have nothing to do with the Covid areas, “uploaded” photographs to social networks in which they expressed satisfaction for received the immunizer.

Call for attention.

According to data collected, Friday, January 15th, was the date set for the beginning of the vaccination process to administrative and manual personnel, after covering the Covid areas staff first.

However, the head of Human Resources at the hospital, Claudia Rodríguez, issued instructions from Wednesday afternoon indicating that employees from the different departments would have to wait up until Thursday.

The official backed down from her decision after a superior’s call, and she asked everybody to leave and return today. There are written records of both decisions, sent by a messaging application to the workers.

Those who managed to receive the vaccine shared their photographs on social networks.

Among them were nutrition, psychology, secretarial staff, a general services post, and a maintenance secretary. Some even expressed discomfort after receiving the vaccine.

Long lines.

Today, Saturday, January 16th, the lines were longer until 10 in the morning. People were waiting with “tickets” previously given to them by security employees. There were no other means of control or supervision. The staggered assistance of the workers was not even ordered, which, moreover, partially affected the services provided at the facilities.

Neither was a vaccination observed by areas or groups of age and/or health risk. They all got mixed up.

According to information released by the state government, at the end of Wednesday, which was the first day of the vaccination campaign, 2,185 vaccines were applied to health sector workers who labor in the Covid areas of 16 state and federal hospitals.

The first shipment sent by the federal government is 9,750 doses.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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