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Why We Left Merida Yucatan…Merida vs Oaxaca 2021 Cost of Living In Mexico (video)

- March 7, 2021

By Mexitplans

We did a thing Y’all. We left Merida Mexico for Oaxaca City to experience something new and boy did we find a treasure of goodness in Oaxaca. First Oaxaca is the home of Mezcal, Mole, Cheese, Coffee, and Chocolate. Second, the Oaxaca climate is amazing. Lastly, it is home to the Best Food in all of Mexico.

There are so many reasons to like Oaxaca 2021 and in this Mexitplans episode, I compare and contrast Merida vs Oaxaca. If you are moving to Mexico, I think Oaxaca should be a place for you to consider.

Take a look at my reasons why and learn why I feel that way. Let me know what you think about this video and leave me comments below.

Source: www.youtube.com/mexitplans

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