Five gas stations in Mérida refused to be verified by Profeco

They seem to agree to prevent inspection

Seven gas stations in Mexico have not been verified by the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco), five of them are in Mérida. This was reported by Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, head of said agency belonging to the federal government.

During the morning conference led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Sheffield Padilla reported that five fuel distributors in the Yucatecan capital were reluctant to receive the agency’s personnel under their charge.

It is the JP Segundo service station, on the Mérida-Campeche highway; Yucatán self-service at number 101 of Circuito Colonias; two Petromérida stations located in Cinco Colonias and Melchor Ocampo, respectively; and Chichén Itzá Ecological Services, in Ciudad Caucel.

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“We do not know what is happening in Mérida. We are going to investigate further because it seems that they are reaching an agreement to prevent the verifications ”, he sentenced.

Similarly, Ricardo Sheffield reported that, as a result of the 178 verifications carried out in various parts of the country, a “rake” was found at a gas station in Michoacán. It is a device to control the fuel flow remotely.

In this regard, he warned that whoever is discovered using this or another type of device to steal gasoline, the concession to supply it will be withdrawn.

Through the Liter per liter application, Profeco has dealt with 222 complaints that have resulted in 178 verification visits. There are seven gas stations that have refused the process. Irregularities have been detected in 11 stations.


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