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Yucatan flooded in “high risk” and poor quality face masks

- December 13, 2021

80% do not provide security against the coronavirus; not being considered inputs

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- There is no quality control of the face masks that are sold in the streets, social networks, businesses or markets, which are marketed without major problem in the entity because only the health authorities have powers to supervise matters related to supplies doctors.

Masks have two classifications: those for hospital use or medical grade, and those for general or community use. Those that are sold on the streets do not have the security measures to avoid contagion by coronavirus.

Federal jurisdiction

The former requires having a sanitary registry, which must be processed before the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), of purely federal competence.

Cofepris requests to obtain said registry to have a notice of operation of manufacture, storage and distribution, and sale to the public, which includes health supplies.

As stipulated in the Cofepris Agreement published in the Official Gazette of the Federation in 2011, the list of health supplies is considered as low risk for the purposes of obtaining the sanitary registration, and of those products that Due to their nature, characteristics, and use, they are not considered as health supplies, and they do not require sanitary registration; there are disposable masks and masks, except those for hospital use.


The Department of Regulation of Supplies and Health Services of the Directorate of Protection against Sanitary Risks of the State of Yucatán recommends that when acquiring a mask the label of the product be reviewed, where it is indicated is for general or community use and does not require registration sanitary.

The state entity indicates that 459 verification visits have been carried out and 1,725 ​​establishments related to the handling of medical devices have been counted, where masks are classified, including pharmacies.


The face masks that are sold in the Yucatecan capital do not comply with the measures to avoid a contagion of coronavirus, say specialists from the Autonomous University of Yucatán (Uady).

Didier Aké Canul, administrative secretary of the Uady Faculty of Nursing, confirms that no federal or local authority supervises compliance with the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) for their sale and preparation, “because the law does not it forces them to do so ”.

He said that four out of every five face masks found on the market do not have the three layers specified by the WHO, both those of the artisanal type and those imported from China.

He explained that the Faculty of Nursing has carried out studies on the various models and designs that are offered in shops, virtual platforms and streets of Mérida, and the result was that eight out of ten face masks that Yucatecans acquire are not certified, they are not three-layer and therefore, they are not recommended.

Source: sipse.com

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