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Young man shot in Merida dies, violence continues to increase in what once was considered a safe city

- December 13, 2021

The 19-year-old lost his life. His uncle tried to defend him and was also shot

MÉRIDA, Yucatan.- A young man who was walking through the streets of the Nueva San José Tecoh neighborhood, south of Mérida, was shot and lost his life, lying in the middle of the street.

The events occurred at dawn on December 12 at Calle 171 and 50 in the Nueva San José Tecoh neighborhood, when 19-year-old Luis Toledo E. was on his way to his grandmother’s house.

A subject identified as “ Darwin ” and two other people from the “ BFL ” gang began to attack the young man with stones during several streets, to which Luis responded in the same way.

The subjects managed to reach him near a beer agency and one of the assailants took out a firearm, apparently a rifle, with which he shot him at the level of his stomach.

El joven fue baleado por presuntos vándalos en el sur de Mérida. (Foto de contexto/Novedades de Yucatán)

The young man managed to walk a few meters, asking the neighbors for help, until he collapsed in the middle of the road, where he finally lost his life.

His uncle, who noticed the action, tried to defend him, but was also shot in the legs, which caused the attackers to flee the scene.

Source: sipse.com, alchile.com.mx, yucatan.com.mx

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