Crime index growing alarmingly in Mérida, Yucatán

In Yucatán, a large percentage of impunity prevails, according to the group “México Evalúa”. According to data from the entity, 80 percent of the crimes that are reported to the State Attorney General’s Office remain in total impunity. Last year, 4,029 were presented to the Public Ministry for various crimes, however, 3,223 remained in total impunity or those responsible were […]

Guacamaya Leaks: Yucatan, among the states of southeastern Mexico plagued by cartels

Sedena recognizes that the geographical location of Yucatan makes the State a strategic area for criminal structures. Confidential reports that are part of the emails obtained by the group Guacamaya Leaks confirm that the southeast of Mexico is plagued by the struggles of criminal groups for the transfer of drugs, and Yucatan is no exception. In the reports, Sedena acknowledges that […]

Yucatan beach community carjacking ends in murder

AUTHORITIES ACHIEVE THE CAPTURE OF THE MURDERERS OF THE NEIGHBOR OF CHICXULUB PUERTO, WHO INTENDED TO BUY A MAZDA TRUCK FROM HIM PROGRESO, YUCATAN. – – The coordinated work of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) and the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), in the investigation of the homicide of a young man, which occurred last Monday […]

Renters Beware; With machetes in hand, a group of thugs ‘kidnap’ Americans in Yucatan

A legal dispute over a summer property in Yucatan keeps a foreign family kidnapped A foreign family is experiencing moments of anguish in Yucatan after a group of hired thugs keeps them ‘ kidnapped ‘ inside a summer property. The summer estate is located on the Telchac Puerto-San Bruno highway in Yucatan. As reported in La Verdad Noticias, Joe Lousi Zamora and Janet Anne Sanders were threatened […]

Why peace in Yucatan is a myth (and why that myth is dangerous)

The Yucatecan security model involves serious human rights violations, is authoritarian, and has failed to stop the decomposition of the security of Yucatecans. The most recent governors of Yucatan have boasted to the four winds that they govern the “safest state.” The President took them at their word when he put the Yucatecan security model as a […]