Guacamaya Leaks: Yucatan, among the states of southeastern Mexico plagued by cartels

Sedena recognizes that the geographical location of Yucatan makes the State a strategic area for criminal structures. Confidential reports that are part of the emails obtained by the group Guacamaya Leaks confirm that the southeast of Mexico is plagued by the struggles of criminal groups for the transfer of drugs, and Yucatan is no exception. In the reports, Sedena acknowledges that […]

AMPI warns of fraudulent developments in the Yucatan

“The business has grown so much that in fiction there are cities of lots sold in the jungle wherethere are no services. There are not even streets in good condition”, exposes the head of the AMPI The so-called investment lots in Yucatan that are offered on the Internet and social networks are the doors for multiple real estate […]

Yucatecan arrested in Jalisco for millionaire fraud in Mérida

Merida Yucatan; January 28, 2022.- Elements of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) and the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) executed an arrest warrant in the state of Jalisco, supported by their counterparts from that entity, against JBR, accused of millionaire fraud in the Yucatecan capital. The arrest warrant was requested after the complaint about the […]

Yucatecans tried to defraud SuperHolly

The popular North American influencer known as “SuperHolly” revealed that several Yucatecans tried to defraud her when she was about to buy a truck in Mérida In her most recent video, Holly Grace Marie Tuggy (the true name of the American-Mexican) shared that she plans to live for a time in Tulum with her husband, […]

Fraudsters on the run after being discovered in Merida Yucatan

The false financiers who have scammed hundreds of Yucatecans in recent months do not hesitate to resort to the threat when their clients begin to suspect something irregular or protest against the demand for money before the supposed release of a loan. ” Well, read your contract very well “, is a phrase widely used by the representatives of that network of fraudsters, […]

Gringo arrested for shooting a cyclist in Mérida (video)

hey would put him at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office accused of attempted murder Unofficial sources of the State Police confirmed that a person from the United States was arrested as allegedly responsible for shooting a cyclist in the streets of downtown Mérida. As we reported, the State Investigation Police searched a home in the San Sebastián […]