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AMLO national guard threatens Merida merchants to evict Ateneo for Maya train museum

- April 18, 2022

National Guard personnel visit tenants of the Ateneo Peninsular building next to the Cathedral, to tell them to vacate their premises, because “the Train Museum is going to be in this building, so vacate on your own, or you will have to deal with us?”, they tell them, according to a message that has been circulating on social networks since last Friday, and in part confirmed by the Mérida Chamber of Commerce ( Canacome ).

Everything seems to indicate that it is an old problem between the federal government and businessmen, who for the 60 or 70 years have occupied the premises of the Ateneo Peninsular, and little by little they are removing them, although some maintain a legal lawsuit, have Amparos and other legal judgments in their favor, while others have already chosen to withdraw from the place, according to information from Canacome itself.

The message that has been circulating since last Friday is the following:

“Abelardo has a friend he has known since high school, this friend’s father opened a clothing store downtown many years ago, he inherited the business, the place was rented, it is located in the Ateneo building, where the museum is (Macay), and a few days ago he received a visit from the National Guard.”

Historic Ateneo Peninsular

“Comments the one who came to his store and asked for the owner, and he approached and introduced himself as the owner; His surprise was that the National Guard replied: the train museum is going to be in this building, so he must vacate it, or deal with us? ”.

“And he says, ‘You know what? I occupied this place 62 years ago, my father was here, then I took over the store and I continue to pay rent, to which the guard told him: ‘Well, you have two days to vacate and do as you wish’!!, like this the AMLO government threatens us, and it is not a false truth, it is real, little by little they are pulling out their nails and are worse than the worst governments of the PRI, PAN, PRD and others, that is the part that many do not even see they know about this aspiring government wannabe fifí, little by little and in silence, they are making the changes that suit them”, says the text (Sic).

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This comment was followed by others such as the following:

“On the way back there was the Canto exchange house, maybe one day they took away his things and closed his place, having many years there in the Ateneo, it is next to the Cathedral, to the Novelty Clothing store the owner is a friend his name is Pedro; last month he left his premises and all of them, almost the majority, have already been evicted, there are very few left, perhaps four or five who have protection, but they are in the fight with the government”.

And then this:

“They are taking out the people who have had their stores for more than 60 years in the Ateneo, the National Guard gives them 2 days to leave because they are going to build the Mayan train museum there.”

Edificio | Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Ateneo de Yucatán MACAY Fernando  García Ponce

Apparently, one of the members of Canacome consulted this issue with their leaders, and received the following response:

“Hello. This is a topic that has been going on for a year now, it started in May 2021 and we have been following up on everything as a Chamber. It is important to comment that each of the cases has a different particular situation and support has been tried in different ways. If there was any movement in the last few days, we would appreciate the owners contacting us , since even in the next few days we have a follow-up meeting on the subject with the Inah”.

One of those affected responded to this signal from Canacome, endorsing what the agency says:

“Everything that has been commented is correct, the Chamber is supporting us and is fully aware of the problem, we are about seven owners who are up to date on the rents, and little by little they have been taking us out one by one. Unfortunately with this AMLO government, we do not know what new madness they could come up with. Meanwhile, we continue to defend ourselves legally and hopefully, we can do it socially as the guild that we are”.

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