Realistic cost of living in Mexico for 2024 (VIDEO)

Basic Cost of Living update for 2024 Today I break down the basic cost of living here in Mexico without all the bells and whistles. We will be taking a ride through the New Parque La Plancha here in Merida Yucatan and talking about the cost of living increases here in Mexico. #Mexico#costofliving#livinginmexico Join this […]

Using Banks, Credit Cards & ATMs in Mexico

There’s a whole new generation of credit card skimmers at Walmart et al that are surprisingly good… Can you spot the fake…  from the real one? …. Because the thieves have to snap the skimmer mask over to the real credit card reader,   the fake ~skimmer~  is a little wider, and a little taller. […]

Crime index growing alarmingly in Mérida, Yucatán

In Yucatán, a large percentage of impunity prevails, according to the group “México Evalúa”. According to data from the entity, 80 percent of the crimes that are reported to the State Attorney General’s Office remain in total impunity. Last year, 4,029 were presented to the Public Ministry for various crimes, however, 3,223 remained in total impunity or those responsible were […]

These are the Morena candidates for Governor of Yucatán

In the case of Yucatán, Mario Delgado reported that a total of 27 candidates, 10 women, and 17 men, registered for the Morena process to define the government candidate. Of which, only four candidates were selected to participate in Morena’s internal process for the elections in Yucatán 2024; they are: Joaquín Díaz Mena, Morena representativeRocío […]

Is AMLO driving Mexico toward an environmental disaster?

As dozens of scientists gathered in Switzerland last month to finalize a seminal United Nations report on the climate crisis, across the Atlantic, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was gearing up for a celebration of all things oil. On 18 March, he joined tens of thousands of people in the heart of Mexico City […]

AMLO announces investment in Mérida’s the “Kukulcán Álamo” Ball Park

Thanks to the joint work between the Governor of Yucatan, Mr. Mauricio Vila Dosal, one of the Mexican governors best rated by the people of his state; and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, on Thursday, March 16th, the rehabilitation of the “Kukulcán Álamo” Park was announced during Obrador’s daily press conference. This effort […]