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You must see the Pink Lake of “Las Coloradas” in Yucatan (VIDEO)

- May 29, 2022

One of the most impressive, colorful unique places to visit in Mexico is this place full of color, named La Coloradas, or Pink Lake. Hidden away right on the tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, this lake is the perfect Instagram place.

The stunning cotton-candy pink lakes are bliss and something you can see once in a lifetime.

Las Coloradas means “the colored” in the Spanish language, so the name is the best description for this destination.

This name is also for the tiny Mexican fishing village here, which has a population of only 1000. Right nearby this village there is a series of beautifully colored pink lakes.

You should also know that this area is part of the Río Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, which is a protected wetland by law. Here you will feel like it’s part of the kingdom of unique animals.

You can see flamingos, jaguars, sea turtles, crocodiles, as well as all kinds of seabirds. This area extends on 150,000 acres.

How Can a Lake be Pink?

Ok, so far so good, but how is it possible for a lake to be pink? Well, the answer is simple, considering the biodiversity here. First of all, solar salt is the main reason why the lake was formed.

Secondly, the vibrant pink color you see everywhere in the pictures is due to red-colored algae, as well as the brine shrimp, and plankton. All these live happily in a salty environment. Once the water starts evaporating, these organisms are more and more concentrated. So as a result, you will see the glimmering pink all under the beautiful Mexican sunlight.

Pink Flamingos Everywhere

One of the most interesting facts about this lake is the mesmerizing flamingos. And do you know why they are pink?

Well, because they actually eat all the pink creatures we were talking about. Normally, flamingos would be white, but as they are hanging out in the pink lakes, they become cotton-pink as well.

Where to Stay?

As the area does not have so many accommodation units, most of the tourists choose to stay in the nearby town, Rio Lagartos, which is only 30 minutes from Las Coloradas. From here you can take many Flamingo boat tours, which usually stop at the salty lakes as well.

Good To Know

Keep in mind that the pink water is incredibly salty. This means that as soon as you enter it, you might feel weird and have some unpleasant smells. However, this water is not for swimming, but only for taking the best shots.

Source: Youtube

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