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March 8th: Women’s political rights in Yucatan

- March 7, 2023

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, March 4, 2023.- As part of the activities alluding to International Women’s Day, to be commemorated on Wednesday the 8th, the former Yucatecan senator Angélica Araujo Lara, said that in recent years progress has been made in terms of women’s political rights, but much more needs to be done, for example, to put an end to gender violence.

“It has been demonstrated that women have a great capacity to generate effective solutions to multiple problems of daily life and, as public servants, we enjoy a well-earned prestige of being honest and transparent in the management of resources,” said Araujo Lara.

In a well-known restaurant in the north of Merida, the group A.L.A.S. (Asociación de Labor y Apoyo Social A.C.) organized a breakfast talk in which Dr. Rubinia Teresa Sandoval Salazar, professor-researcher of the Faculty of Law and Criminology of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, spoke on the subject of “Mediation, a method to reduce the gender gap”.

The event was attended by women of different profiles who are in a continuous struggle to improve themselves in an integral way. One of the objectives of A.L.A.S., presided over by former councilwoman Claudia Medina Caballero, is to provide the women of Mérida and other municipalities with channels for personal, professional, social, and political improvement.

Angélica Araujo recalled that as a civil servant and legislator, she dedicated special attention to supporting women: as director of the Yucatán Housing Institute she created programs to provide homes for heads of household; as a federal congresswoman, she legislated to prevent and eradicate gender violence, while as a senator she was part of the Legislature that achieved that gender parity had constitutional rank.

Currently, the also former federal congresswoman is part of a project for the development of “differentiated housing”, that is, houses with a gender perspective since 32 percent of households in Mexico are headed by women.

“We have to stay united and prepare ourselves more to conquer greater spaces in the political and public life of the state. Our dream is that the development of Yucatán will have the stamp and sensitivity of women leaders,” concluded Araujo Lara.

Source: SIPSE

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