Construction companies are preparing for the start of works of the new elevated viaduct of Progreso


The Constructora Ica Infrastructure, which heads the conglomerate of five companies that will be in charge of the construction of the new elevated viaduct of Progreso, already installed its offices in this port, and began the arrival of engineers, as well as advances with the preliminary works from the official start of the work on 82nd street of this city.

While neighbors on 82, 84 and 86 street have made various protests and seek to file legal resources against the project, the construction company advances according to the expected after the ruling for the execution of the project in which an investment of $ 1,500 MDP has been awarded and will grant a 30 -year concession for the operation and use of the viaduct.

As is known, the 82nd Street Viaduct Project is a coordinated initiative between the federal, state and municipal government that seeks to expedite the movement of cargo and passengers between the port of progress, which is a federal enclosure, with the Federal Road Mérida-Progreso.

Even thinking that it was only state and municipal plan, the neighbors went to the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to whom they gave a letter to stop the project, but as far as it is known, they have not obtained an answer.

The neighbors also tried to seek support with PRI Senator Beatriz Paredes Rangel, who weeks ago was visiting the premises of the Chamber of Commerce attended by PRI and PAN. Thinking that they would receive the support of the PRI legislator, she asked the neighbors to oppose the plan to join to the development of Progreso and support the project.

As is known, the project of the new viaduct was announced by the then Integral Port Administration (API, now ASIPONA), but in the absence of resources for its realization, the state government took the lead and offered the project among private investors.

According to Public Contest No. Gen-Inay-Conceion-LP-002-2022, the INCAY failed in favor of national companies  ICA infrastructure and controller of infrastructure operations (CONEISA), as well as the Yucatecas companies Proser Entrepreneur Group (Geproser) and DASA Distributions.

As part of the project, engineers from the ICA company and others involved have already been in this city for two weeks and have as a meeting point the offices of the company in the Ismael García neighborhood, in the east of the port, where they even have private security.

The most recent protest of neighbors against the plan was two weeks ago, on February 22, during the “burning” of Juan Carnaval, at the Municipal Palace, where they even read their own version of the “Testament “.

Source: Progreso Hoy