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Who is Wendy Krauss? A woman who went missing for 30 days in Yucatán and was finally located in Progreso

- March 19, 2023
  • After 30 days of not knowing anything about her whereabouts, Yucatan authorities located Wendy Krauss Ceballos, originally from Mexico City and a resident of Merida, for whom the Alba Protocol was activated in the state.

As we previously reported, Wendy was being sought by her relatives since February 8, who stated that this was the last time they had contact with her via Whatsapp.

Edgar Krauss, brother of the 47-year-old woman, shared that the last he heard from his sister was that she was going to a spiritual retreat in a town in Yucatan, as she used to do constantly for a couple of years.

Since that date he did not hear from his sister Wendy Krauss and her cell phone remained turned off, making it impossible to know her whereabouts from a distance.

Due to the above, Edgar traveled from Mexico City to request the search for Wendy from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), who issued the search bulletin BBPA/04/2023 on March 13.

An exhaustive search operation began, which included the use of the Bell 429 helicopter of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) and a search of the property where Wendy lived in downtown Merida, due to the risk that she could have been the victim of a crime.

Around midday on Thursday, March 16th, the Yucatan authorities announced that members of the SSP attached to the State Investigation Police (PEI), in coordination with the FGE, located Wendy today in Progreso, when she was wandering the streets of the coastal city.

In addition to Merida and Progreso, the investigators visited other municipalities in the south of the state such as Oxkutzcab, Ticul, and Tekax, which she used to frequent for her spiritual retreats.

The woman was located in downtown Progreso, next to the church. She had two puppies with her and was riding a tricycle.

Female agents of the PEI took her to the Specialized Unit for the Prevention of Family and Gender Violence (UNIPREV) of the SSP to interview her in order to give her the help she required.

She was evaluated by paramedics of the corporation, who determined that she was stable.

She said that during the days she had no communication with her family she was in several places and also said she lost her cell phone.

The woman was taken to the State Attorney General’s Office for legal proceedings.

Edgar confirmed the location of his sister through his social networks and thanked the support of all the people who shared the photograph of his sister, to find her.

Source: SIPSE

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