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Moringa, from a medicinal plant in Yucatan to jet fuel

- June 11, 2023

Moringa is known as the tree of life or tree of miracles, and for several months it was the most sought after in Yucatan due to its healing properties; however, scientists from the Scientific Research Center saw one more option for its fruit, turning it into jet fuel.

The project was presented during the 2023 Aerospace Fair (FAMEX) and won second place in the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Mexico-2023 contest.

Dr. Juan Carlos Chavarría Hernández, a researcher at the CICY Renewable Energy Unit, explained that this plant has the particularity of having a high yield in the production of oil.

Therefore, its use is efficient and sustainable to produce sustainable fuel for aviation.

“The objective of these proposals is to generate new science-based strategies for the production of sustainable fuel for aviation,” he explained.


In the case of Moringa oleífera, as it is a plant that can be fully used (roots, stems, leaves, etc.), it is possible to obtain a variety of co-products of commercial value.

What is moringa?

The Moringa Oleífera or moringa, as it is commonly known, is a tree that grows in hot lands, that is, in places less than 500 meters above sea level.

Native to India and Pakistan, this species can be found in Mexico on the Pacific coast and in the Depresión de las Balsas.

Moringa properties

Moringa contains vitamins for the body, such as:

Vitamin A

Vtamin B1 (thiamine)

B2 (riboflavin)

B3 (niacin), B-6

Folate and ascorbic acid (vitamin C)






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