Hacienda de Cholul, the most famous haunted house in Yucatan

- June 12, 2023

Today we are going to talk about a place that many people have visited and have not wanted to return, the incredible abandoned house of the Cholul hacienda, this place hides endless stories of people who have gone to live a direct experience with the paranormal and dark tourism.

The Cholul Hacienda or better known during its heyday as the Ex Hacienda de Cancabchén de Casares is located in the east, towards Motul, between Cholul and Sitpach, it is one of the oldest constructions with legends around it, this hacienda has been visited by countless people, researchers, national and international tourists, locals, reporters who are going to make documentaries and even representatives of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), without a doubt this building is part of the historical buildings of Yucatan .

Former hacienda of Cancabchén de Casares

The splendor of the Ex Hacienda de Cancabchén de Casares, was during the henequen era, this site was built after the Spanish conquest, but unfortunately over the years and a couple of tragic events it was abandoned.

In its best times at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, the place was destined for agricultural and livestock activities.

At present the hacienda is surrounded by vegetation, the buildings are cracked due to time and climate, this gives it a gloomy atmosphere at night.

Too many legends are spoken around the Cholul hacienda, many people report that when passing by it, they quickly feel an extremely heavy environment, others claim to have seen shadows hanging around and feel extremely cold weather that does not go hand in hand with the heat that characterizes Yucatan.

It is said that in the former hacienda of Cancabchén Casares an endless number of paranormal apparitions occur, many people talk about a man who spends his time going all over the place, this man who appears, many associate him with José, who was a foreman who died tragically.

The spirit of the foreman José

This comes from the story of a working couple who were dedicated to producing henequen, both were about to get married, but on one of those nights, the woman fainted and was abused against her will by the foreman José. The fiancé at the time found out, he was drunk and very upset, so he grabbed his machete and decapitated the foreman, the guilt ate him so much, that he decided to take his own life and hung himself on a tree. Upon learning of this, the groom’s parents decide to put a spell on the farm and everyone who lived in it.

From that moment on, the hacienda is haunted and begins to fall into bad times, until one day the residents and owners decide to completely abandon the site.

Revenge of the pawns

Another legend tells that in 1910, the owner had a great reputation for mistreating his workers, coupled with this, he paid them very little, including going so far as to throw them the few coins he gave them and treat them as slaves.

This annoyed one of his employees so much that he summoned all his colleagues to make a revolt against the owner, they designed their plan and waited for the moment when his boss arrived, after a trip he made and he had neither both feet on the ground when the employees jumped on him, they beat him at will and without compassion. The man was left lying down and with a lot of blood spilling around him, the employees believed that they managed to kill him, they were already taking away all his belongings when they realized that the alleged dead man had a tail similar to that of a Kisín (devil), they were shocked, so much to the employees fled the hacienda.

Many people after hearing these legends, the anecdotes of the people who dare to go and the videos that have been recorded in the place, prefer to observe the place from the outside and only take photos to remember, few are the brave who dare to enter the place and explore it at night, the brave report that they feel someone breathing next to them, they are pushed, they feel that someone is walking around the place and watching them, in addition to the fact that others have heard inexplicable noises.

Source: Top Yucatan

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