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They capture a huge crocodile on the coast of Las Coloradas 

- August 6, 2023

A huge crocodile swam along the beaches of Las Coloradas, everything indicates that it was the moreletii species that roamed near the coast. 

The biologist José Cruz Hoil Rajón, responsible for the Environmental issue of the Río Lagartos City Council, revealed that after the sighting of this crocodile they kept it under observation so that the bathers were safe. 

He explained that crocodiles, like seabirds and sea turtles, have an extraordinary ability to orient themselves to choose their travel routes, so it was possibly passing through before it returned to its destination. 

The reptile did not represent a risk to the tourists who were bathing on the beaches, since it had no intention of attacking them, but rather was moving in the wide sea. 

In recent days several crocodiles have been seeking refuge in other areas, in addition to being seen near the Chiquilá water hole. 

    Source: Por Esto 

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