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Amy moved to Merida from Dallas and she talks about hospitality (VIDEO)

- October 25, 2023

My heart aches when I’m not here! I love living in Merida, Mexico.

Yucatecans Are The NICEST People, and it will surprise you! Amy moved to Merida from Dallas and she talks about the Yucatecan’s hospitality towards foreigners.

Angel was born and raised in Tabasco but moved to Yucatan years ago and also agrees that Merida is the best place to live in Mexico.

Amy lived in Playa del Carmen before moving to Merida, and Angel also experienced other parts of Mexico. They share their perspectives on how Merida differs and why they love living here.

Together they talk about how locals feel about foreigners moving to Mexico, the gringo tax and whether or not you need to watch out, safety in Merida, getting around, finding rentals in Merida vs other parts of Mexico, the food and cultural richness of Merida, and so much more.

Watch the full video here:



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