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A man is found guilty of forging sales documents in Mérida

- February 1, 2024

The Unitary Judge 2 of Prosecution found a man identified as A.E.B. guilty, who was denounced for posing as the legal representative of the victims, using false documents to carry out sales contracts in Mérida.

According to the complaint filed before the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), the defendant claimed to be the legal representative of the aggrieved A.C.O.G. and R.C.M.E. and celebrated sales contracts for which he presented a limited general power with signatures that turned out to be false, which initiated the present process.

During the hearing at the Oral Justice Center of Mérida, the Unitary Judge 2 of Prosecution issued the guilty verdict after verifying the responsibility of the defendant for the crime of use of false document and specific fraud.

Before concluding the judicial proceeding, the Unitary Judge summoned the parties for next February 6 to hold the hearing of individualization of the penalties.

Source: Por Esto