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LEGO inaugurates store in Mérida

- February 24, 2024

It is the 25th establishment in the whole country.

In anticipation of dozens of visitors, this Thursday the first LEGO store in Mérida was officially inaugurated, located in the Galerías Mérida shopping center.

It is the 25th establishment in the whole country and the first to open this year.

With family-sized scissors, made with the famous colored bricks, the ribbon was cut so that later, the families could access to enjoy the thousands of collectibles that are sold there.

Among the decorative items that attracted the most attention are sunflowers and a jaguar that, from the showcase, imposes itself with its thousands of pieces; likewise, the area called “Pick and Build” was one of the most popular among buyers, who were able to choose blocks of different shapes and colors to make the figure of their choice.

The store employees commented that among the most demanded products, are those of the universe of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel and Disney.

Likewise, they mentioned that the buildable ones that have the highest number of blocks are the Titanic with 7 thousand pieces, the Millennium Falcon with 8 thousand pieces and the Eiffel Tower with 10 thousand pieces.

Source: Sipse