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SAT seizes at least 200 yachts in Yucatan

- February 29, 2024

At least 200 recreational vessels, private yachts, would have been seized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) as a precautionary measure in Yucatan, as part of an operation for the owners to prove the legal origin of the yachts.

How was the operation in Yucatan?

The operation was carried out unexpectedly in at least eight Marinas of the Port of Yucalpetén, in Progreso, where public servants arrived to inform the managers of these sites about the precautionary seizure of the ships.

It transpired that worker of the marinas expressed their dissatisfaction because the officials did not check the documentation and neither did they issue a prior notice to the owners, they only “immobilized” the vessels, which will not be able to sail until the owners present the documentation or put it in order and accredit the origin of the yachts, for which they would have been given 10 days to release them.

In this area of Yucatan, it is estimated that there are at least twenty tourist marinas that guard around 2 thousand yachts or recreational vessels, whose prices vary, but are estimated between 20 and up to 500 thousand dollars.

Source: UNO TV