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‘Takeover’ of Merida airport, in Yucatan, affects Viva Aerobus flights

- March 6, 2024

Viva Aerobus passengers said that when they were about to leave from Mexico City to Merida, they were instructed to evacuate the plane

A workers’ strike at the Merida Airport, in Yucatan, has affected Viva Aerobus users, mainly on the flight that goes from Mexico City to that city, which were temporarily suspended.

Through social networks, passengers of the airline detailed that when they were about to leave for Merida, they were instructed to evacuate the aircraft because the airport in Merida “is closed”.

“They tell us that the Merida airport is taken and they took us off the plane,” wrote the user @Dscasillas on his X account, who demanded a prompt solution from Viva Aerobus to this inconvenience.

Another user, identified as Luis Gonzalez, explained that the airport in Merida “is taken by workers of Viva Aerobus, only that platform will be affected”.

“Other airlines are already scheduling departure, but they are delayed,” he said.

So far, Viva Aerobus has not officially pronounced on what is happening in the air facility of Merida, while users of the airline are waiting for the solution that the company offers in this situation.

Source: Lopez Doriga