Animal Rights Activists Protest Against Horse-Drawn Carriages in Mérida 


They demanded regulations that prohibit the use of horses to pull carriages, an activity they consider a form of animal abuse.

On Saturday afternoon, a group of animal rights activists gathered at the Monumento a La Patria, located on Paseo de Montejo, to demonstrate in favor of wildlife protection and demand the removal of horse-drawn carriages used in tourist activities.

The protest took place after an incident a few days ago when a horse collapsed on the asphalt on the streets of Mérida, while traveling along Avenida Paseo de Montejo, apparently due to the intense heat.

Activist Elsa Arceo led the protest and criticized the potential Wildlife Protection Law that should be reformed by the Congress of Yucatán.

Furthermore, she called on the authorities to establish regulations that prohibit the use of horses to pull carriages, considering this practice a form of animal abuse.

During the demonstration, participants marched through the streets of Mérida demanding that horse-drawn carriages be removed from public roads.

They also paid tribute to the memory of activist and animal rights defender Elena Larrea.

The protest sought to raise awareness about the importance of protecting animals and promoting sustainable and cruelty-free alternatives in Mérida’s tourism industry.

Source: El Universal