Neighbors in Mérida identify warehouse with pantries for Renán Barrera’s campaign


Neighbors from Francisco de Montejo reported suspicious pantry unloading activity in a house on 53-B street, presumably to support Renán Barrera Concha’s campaign for the State Government. Even people who were carrying out the work had the logo of the PAN/PRI candidate on their cell phones.

The unloading was done on a property in Francisco de Montejo, in a white house with large metal gates, which were open to bring in the merchandise. There were approximately five men present, three unloading and two supervising.

When speaking with one of them, he tried to excuse it as merchandise for a store, but could not explain when questioned about the method used to bring in those packaged products, even providing the name “Eduardo Rico Santana,” which was found to be false.

A few days ago, Movimiento Ciudadano denounced bribes that Prian supporters offered to their party, trying to contact pre-candidates and followers to campaign for Barrera Concha: “People with values do not have a price,” they assured.

In addition to the background that these political parties have implemented in previous years regarding the delivery of pantries, money, among other items to secure the votes of the residents, this action raised suspicions among the neighbors of the area.

The packages contained oil, toilet paper, beans, rice, canned goods, bags of noodles, among other products that made up an individual pantry.

Also, the men who were outside the house appeared nervous and immediately noticed the presence of other people, so they tried to close the doors of the cargo truck, which they opened after POR ESTO! moved a few meters away.

Defending the indefensible One of those helping with the unloading immediately got down to record and take photos, but did not realize that on his cell phone he had a circular logo of the PAN candidate’s campaign, Renán Barrera Concha, which evidenced the suspicious movement that began shortly after noon.

According to verification at the site, there were two cargo trucks, the first with plates YS-3726-D and the second with license YN-7843-D.

Source: Por esto