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Renán Barrera, desperate; even carries officials from Mérida to fill his events

- March 26, 2024

The transportation of people and the distribution of t-shirts continue to be part of the PAN candidate’s campaign strategy to fill his rallies.

The PRIAN candidate thanked the support from Movimiento Ciudadano but referred to the base of this political force in Campeche and assured that from there, they are urging Yucatecans to vote for him.

“I am very grateful because Movimiento Ciudadano in Campeche has already made a call to vote for me, to make the call to the Yucatecans,” he declared.

When it was pointed out that the question was regarding the complaints of Movimiento Ciudadano Yucatán towards his team, the candidate ignored it and got into his vehicle.

As we reported, Eddie Maldonado, state coordinator of Movimiento Ciudadano, denounced bad practices by Barrera Concha’s team, through a video he shared on the social networks of the orange party.

“In recent days, people identified with the PRIAN candidate for Governor have been contacting pre-candidates and candidates of Movimiento Ciudadano to propose bribes in exchange for campaigning for PRIAN candidates or declining their political aspirations in favor of the same,” detailed the leader at the beginning of the recording.

Another detail of the moment is that Renán Barrera preferred to drive around several streets in his luxurious van, instead of walking a block and a half to the venue of his second meeting with supporters.

Indeed, before that, he cooled off with a popsicle in front of the lens of his official photographers to look very humble, although he later chose to transport himself in air conditioning instead of walking a few steps, as he was about 200 meters away.

For this reason, it took him more than 15 minutes to arrive when it only took a couple of minutes to do so on foot from 20th street.

Furthermore, for his Ford Expedition van, license plates YXE-126-F, to be able to travel on 27th street, his staff members asked that the mototaxis parked on that road be relocated elsewhere.

The transportation of people at Renán Barrera’s rallies continues unabashedly, now even carrying officials, as local deputy Dafne Osorio and councilor Ricardo Asencio Maldonado, from the Mérida City Council, were present in Timucuy. In previous events, councilor Alice Patrón Herrera was also present.

For the time being, it was seen how people from the commissioner’s offices of Tekik de Regil and Subincancab arrived in passenger buses, which normally offer their service on routes in Mérida and the metropolitan area.

“We come from Subincancab,” the people commented as they got off the bus, which they said “someone rented and we were invited.”

One of the drivers consulted did not know the exact price of renting the unit but indicated that “it varies, depending on the distance they have to travel.” In the case of yesterday, to get to Timucuy it was more than 25 kilometers, while the distance between the municipality and the mentioned commissioner’s offices was between five and seven kilometers.

Source: Por Esto