Citizen Saves 2 Women in Accident on Mérida-Progreso Highway


Through social networks, Jos Valle shared his experience of having witnessed and helped two young women out of the wrecked vehicle this morning on the Mérida-Progreso highway where two people died.

“I was on the Mérida-Progreso highway. I feel very nervous; today was a shocking day for me. I did what I could; I was only able to get two girls out of the vehicle. The couple in front, I couldn’t get them out; they were conscious, but the fire grew stronger and didn’t allow me to rescue the couple. I truly did what I could,” wrote the man, who pointed out that the couple was still alive when the fire consumed the car.

Meanwhile, data obtained at the accident site indicate that five young people, three women and two men, were traveling in the car. They were returning from a party at the port, presumably under the influence of alcohol, and the driver may have dozed off, causing them to veer off the road to their left, crash into a metal light post, knock it down, and the car flipped over until it ended up in the ditch that divides the lanes at kilometer 24.

This version states that the driver died instantly, but his girlfriend, still alive, she was trapped. To free the young people, they broke the car’s windows, but they could not get the young co-pilot out, and she died burned.

Source: Quadratin