Two women found deceased in a hotel north of mérida


Two women were found deceased in the “City Express” Hotel located on Prolongación Montejo, in the northern part of the city.

Hotel administration staff discovered the bodies, as the women were supposed to check out of the room last Monday. However, when they did not respond to calls, the room was opened with a master key, and that’s when they found the women lying on the floor with a suicide note.

They were around 60 years old. The bodies were embraced and had foam at the mouth.

Through a discreet operation, police authorities are conducting the corresponding investigations.

It was found out that guests were asked to handle the case carefully and prudently.

The incident is being handled with total secrecy, and it is not known under what circumstances the women lost their lives.

In the area, elements of the SSP and the PEI are carrying out the corresponding investigations.

Source: Yucatan Ahora