“The date for Mérida’s ‘Noche Blanca’ has been announced


The festival will take place on the Saturday closest to the full moon in May.

The ‘Noche Blanca’ will be held in the Historic Center of the City and some neighborhoods of the state capital.

On Saturday, May 25, the Moon will be very beautiful, which is why Mérida will have a great ‘Noche Blanca’, with a display of activities that, on this occasion, will prioritize the educational theme and various artistic and cultural groups will come from municipalities within the state, assured the Director of Culture, Irving Berlín Villafaña.

He specified that this time it will take place on the 25th and on the eve of Friday the 24th, the city will have two days of cultural activities; and they are preparing the catalog of activities, ‘as everyone knows the ‘Noche Blanca’ has novelties’.

‘Mérida will become a kind of showcase, to show the music and dance that is performed in other municipalities, there will be orchestras and ballets from Tizimín, Progreso, Valladolid, and other towns, with an emphasis on the educational theme, as the city received the UNESCO nomination of learning city’, he indicated.

The municipal official pointed out that on the eve there will be many workshops and interviews with experts on academic, scientific, and educational topics.

He commented that another fundamental theme is the dissemination of the Mayan language, work is being done so that the community theater group from Xocén will perform for the first time in Mérida; he added that this commissioner’s office from Valladolid is a community full of history and mysteries.”

Source: Sipse