Endangered felines population grows in Yucatán

The population of endangered felines is growing in Yucatán, including species such as jaguar, ocelot, puma, and jaguarundi. Trap cameras installed in the Yucatan natural reserves have recorded the increase in jaguars, an endangered species that for the Maya symbolizes power, strength, life, and fertility. “We found such beautiful and culturally important species, like jaguars,” […]

Yucatecan Mangrove Forests at Risk Due to Urban Territorial Disorder

Senator from Yucatan Raúl Paz issued an urgent call to protect the mangrove forests in Yucatán as a fundamental measure to preserve the environment and ensure sustainable development in the region. The legislator expressed concern about the serious threat faced by the mangrove forests in different areas of the state, resulting from improper urban development […]