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Yucatan estimates losses of more than $ 16.85 million due to cruise ship cancellations

- December 23, 2020

According to SEFOTUR, December is the month with the highest economic loss in the state.

From March, the month in which the health contingency due to coronavirus (COVID-19) began, until the first days of December, the Secretariat of Tourism Development (SEFOTUR) estimates a loss of 16.85 million dollars in cruise tourism, since there have been 136 canceled arrivals.

According to the Thermometer of the Impact on the Tourism Sector in Yucatan by the Contingency of COVID-19, the month in which there is a record of the greatest economic loss is December, since there are 3.21 million dollars that the state will not be receiving, as a result of the cancellation of shipping companies such as Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean CL, MSC Cruises and Silver Seas Cruises.

The report that was carried out every month since the beginning of the pandemic, revealed that on October 30, 2020, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that shipping companies could make trips, but with a Navigation certificate based on health and safety protocols against COVID-19 risks.

The Cruise companies canceled their trips for the rest of the year and rescheduled for 2021, but meanwhile, the Port of Progreso will not receive 136 cruise ship arrivals throughout this period, with an estimated 401,350 passengers.

With this low dynamics of cruise arrivals, only in the Progreso area around 80 companies that generate 1,483 jobs from carriers, tour operators, waiters, artisans, and street vendors have been affected.

Among the number of employees most affected, there are about a thousand people between artisans and waiters in port restaurants.

These figures do not include the indirect jobs harmed by the cancellation of reservations of the tours that tourists used to acquire once they touched land.

Source: lajornadamaya.mx

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