Cenote Sac Aua, The Only Cenote with an Island Inside


Near Ek Balam there is a cenote in Valladolid that is worth visiting

About 8 kilometers from the junction and Ek Balam, is the town of Dzalbay, home of the SAC AUA cenote. An incredible place like no other in the Yucatan Peninsula, one of the most beautiful cenotes.

It is one of a kind, as it has a small island in the middle, with beautiful trees and lianas. This island is the result of the fall of the roof of the cenote, thousands of years ago.

Cenote stairs

Photography by @viajesporyucatan

To swim in it there are two ways to descend: go down the stairs or use the rappel. Either one is exciting and allows you a different view of the place. 

The space is so large that it has been described as “a soccer field” where one can relax and appreciate the formations and the landscape.

Cenote islandPhotography by @ steverobert1

The waters are blue and crystal clear and you can row in a small boat with your friends or partner if you don’t want to swim. The cenote is not that deep (8 meters deep) so you can also go with children. The prices are accessible: $ 100.00 pesos per person if you are a foreigner and $ 70.00 pesos per person if you are a national.

Cenote Sac auaPhotography by @frau_ihle

You can also learn about the use of medicinal plants of the region and their preparation methods. And if you are still not convinced, we inform you that they have a sacred Mayan cave, called Aktun Maya, which has a cave where the ancient Mayan rituals performed. So you can see painted animal bones, ceramics, petroglyphs and a body of water. 

Mayan vesselsPhoto by @normguzman


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