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Mérida Yucatan, one of the six most expensive cities in Mexico

- February 26, 2021

There was an increase in the prices of several products, especially energy such as gasoline and domestic gas

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- General inflation in Yucatán accelerated in the first half of February due to the increase in the prices of energy such as gasoline and domestic gas, as well as potatoes and bananas.

The National Consumer Price Index (INPC) registered an increase of 4.14 percent at an annual rate, compared to 3.64 percent in the second half of January.

The annualized price indicator during the first 15 days of February placed the Yucatecan capital among the six most expensive cities in the country: Tuxtla Gutiérrez reported 6.20; Tijuana 5.72 percent; It equals 5.15 percent; Tehuantepec 5.11 percent; Hermosillo 4.73 percent; and Mérida 4.14 percent.

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) reported that in the first half of February, energy prices accelerated to 6.22 percent in annual comparison, the highest level at which they have been since the second half of April 2019 , when they were located at 8.48 percent.

During the first 15 days of February, the Yucatecan capital was placed among the six cities of the country.  (Yucatan News)

Rising prices

Inegi reported that at the national level in the first fortnight of February of this year the INPC reported 0.23 percent, and an annual record of 3.84 percent.

Among the goods and services whose rising prices had the greatest impact on inflation, the following stand out: low and high octane gasoline, with fortnightly increases of 1.96 percent and 1.87 percent respectively; domestic gas or “LP”, 1.09 percent; potato and other tubers, 4.77 percent, chicken with adjustments of 1.19 percent.

As well as bananas with 6.43 percent, automobiles 0.65 percent, lunch boxes, inns and taquerías, 0.26 percent, eggs 1.37 percent and pet food with 1.84 percent.

On the contrary, the products whose falling prices contributed the most to contain inflation was: tomato with a fortnightly decrease of 20.68 percent, onion 9.20 percent, avocado 5.24 percent, hair products 1.57 percent, electricity 0.23 percent. percent, poblano pepper 8.98 melon 5.58 percent, other vegetables, and legumes 1.13 percent.

Prices of houses in Yucatan will rise

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Derived from inflation and the increase of six percent in the prices of construction materials, businessmen from the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry (Canadevi) analyze making adjustments to the costs of houses in Yucatán, which could be reflected between February and March.

On the subject, the president of the business organization, Eduardo Ancona Cámara, ruled out that throughout this month there will be increases in the price of houses, since most suppliers give the opportunity to shift inventories, with the same costs and offers as were handled in late 2020.

“Many of the partners are in negotiations and offers to see if they anticipate payments and maintain prices, for the materials that are in inventory … but all have warned us that there is a six percent increase in construction materials and , without a doubt, this will have an impact on the construction values ​​of the house ”, he explained.

He indicated that these increases occur each year and vary according to inflation, the value of the Measurement and Update Unit (UMA) and other economic indicators that force the partners to make natural adjustments in the costs of the houses.

For this reason, he insisted that it is a good time to acquire a home if they did not do so by the end of 2020, since prices remain with the same standards as last year to be able to move and take out of inventories.

“All the inventory that the partners have are not increasing in price, they are maintaining last year’s, and that is a good opportunity for people who are interested in acquiring a house during this month,” he considered.

Economic reactivation in Yucatán 

Ancona Cámara said that, without a doubt, it will be a key first quarter for the housing industry to continue its recovery process and said that the most important thing for Canadevi is that the pandemic continues to be controlled in the State and that people continue to take care of themselves with prevention and hygiene measures so that you do not return to the red traffic light.

He recalled that the most complicated thing for the housing sector and the other economic items of the State was the closing of businesses for three months, which led to the loss of purchasing power of some people and jobs, which little by little have been recovered.

“This first quarter is very important for the sector because prices are maintained and travel offers are available to all real estate and construction companies. In addition, most of the people have already recovered their jobs, almost all the money orders are working and that means that people have already resumed their benefits and income, so they will return to the idea of ​​acquiring equity, “he said. 

Source: sipse.com

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