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‘Neither culture nor tradition’: they call a march to motorize buggies in Mérida

- April 14, 2021

“Calesas are neither culture nor tradition,” says Elsa Arceo, an independent rescuer, who together with Anahí Tecalco, organize a march this Saturday to protest against the mistreatment of horses; and propose an approach with the charioteers, so that with the support of the Mérida city council, these vehicles are electric.

Photo: Invitation to the march 

The activist assured that, in various tours of the area, they have realized that a dignified treatment is not provided to the equines used in this tourist activity. He said he understood that it is a means of subsistence, but clarified that a conversion of the buggies is necessary as has happened in other Yucatecan municipalities.

“They would not have to use the horses, especially due to the inclement weather of which they are victims, either due to the rain, cold, humidity, and now the extreme heat that is hitting the entity lately,” she said. Elsa Arceo recalled that in recent months several cases have been made known, which have even become viral on social networks and the media, for which she urged to replace the horses with another mechanism that allows the carriages to move.

“We are against it; not only the buggies, right now we are focused on that; but we condemn animal abuse in general, especially now in April, which is recognized as the month against these practices, ”she said.

Abuse must be eradicated, he asserted, since Yucatán occupies “one of the shameful first places”; not only in the country, but at the Latin American level, so adjustments to the laws are also needed so that they contemplate and condemn it. 

Regarding the horses, Elsa Arceo expressed her intention to meet with the leader of the caleseros and expose the possibility of resorting to the commune to request a type of trust and with this, access a loan and motorize their vehicles.

The animalista pointed out that she has approached some of these workers, who at all times have defended their work, “which is understandable in the context of the situation we are experiencing and the lack of support, but in the meantime, the horses continue to suffer. ”. 

“That is why I invite the caleseros to make a front, we are ready to support them and bring this situation to a good end and stop suffering the animals,” he reiterated.

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