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‘Angelita’ a film that shows the natural wonder of Yucatans cenotes

- May 22, 2021
With the support of National Geographic, it seeks to raise awareness about the Great Mayan Aquifer

The Ka’Yok Planetarium in Cancun hosted the premiere of the short film Angelita, which aims to share a message about the importance of understanding the great connection that exists between the Great Mayan Aquifer and all of society.

This film by Josiah Gordon shows the natural wonder of the cenotes and the aquifer through a love story, but with a greater depth, in which a young woman represents that love and the male protagonist is in love with water.

“Every time I fall in love more with water, and places like this have a great space in my heart, I have traveled the world and nowhere is as beautiful as the cenotes of Yucatan, and I have realized that not everyone has the possibility of seeing these places for themselves and being able to make a short film like that, including the cenotes, showing how beautiful they are and the importance of taking care of them ”, Gordon said prior to the screening.

In this regard, Guillermo de Anda, director of the Great Mayan Aquifer (GAM) project, highlighted that the creator of this film had the support of National Geographic to make a product with a message of conservation and the beauty of these sites, and from the GAM a group of advisers was formed to make it happen.

“He did all this also as part of our group, although it is an independent documentary, devised and created by him, and what we have given him is advisory support (…) The goals are that through beautiful images can raise awareness about the wonders we have, the Mayan culture, and the importance of caring for them “, he highlighted.

After this presentation, the next step to disseminate the project will be analyzed, so that it has a wide scope, as it is a product that is worth knowing.

Source: lajornadamaya.mx

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