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17 new private investments announced for Valladolid Yucatan

- May 22, 2021
With a capital of 1,467 billion pesos, it is estimated to generate 4,800 jobs

In order to reactivate the economy in the “sultana del Oriente”, this May 12 a private investment was announced in Yucatan by 17 companies in the tourism, real estate and restaurant sector for Valladolid and its surroundings.

According to Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, this represents an investment of more than 1,467 billion pesos, with which more than 4,800 direct and indirect jobs will be generated for the inhabitants of the interior of the state.

In this sense, Grupo Xcaret endorsed the commitment to boost the economy and tourism in Yucatán with its Xibalbá project.

The announcement was made this Wednesday, at an event held on the land where the Fincas Los Álamos residential project will be built, in Valladolid, in the presence of businessmen from the tourism sector, state and municipal officials.

The governor appreciated the confidence of the private initiative to invest in the state, precisely in the eastern zone and generate jobs.

He also stressed that tourism is the great opportunity for the state to generate jobs for many Yucatecans who live in poverty.

With the help of investors, he said, in the next 10 years Yucatan will be a tourist powerhouse. He stressed that with these injections of private capital, the jobs lost by the pandemic in a year and a half, which are more than 20 thousand jobs, will be able to be recovered.

Yucatán has what Quintana Roo lacks: Grupo Xcaret

In his message, Miguel Quintana Pali, director of Grupo Xcaret, indicated that the company decided to install its new Xibalbá park in Yucatan, since the state “has what Quintana Roo is lacking. It has colonial towns, henequen haciendas, cenotes, churches, cathedrals “

“It is a beautiful state of sun and beach, but we are already saturating it and we have to expand and complement it,” he commented to the Quintana Roo referee.

And what better complement, he added, than the neighboring state of Yucatán. “It has everything I would like to have in Quintana Roo.”

Vila Dosal explained that Grupo Alves will invest 653 million pesos in its five projects in Valladolid, which will promote the creation of more than 700 new direct and indirect jobs. 

The Cenote Mukul SAPI de CV company will invest 500 million pesos in a sustainability project that consists of residential villas, a wellness camping destination, with cenotes and will create 1,780 direct and indirect jobs.

Similarly, Fincas Los Álamos will create the first conceptual residential development in the eastern part of the state, which will integrate amenities and security; It consists of the construction of 65 houses, with high quality handcrafted finishes. With an investment of 270 million pesos, 180 direct and indirect jobs will be generated.

With an investment of 189 million pesos, Torres Zayanna will build 111 apartments in Valladolid, with amenities such as paddle tennis courts, swimming pools, wellness and personal care areas and will generate 300 direct and indirect jobs. 

Likewise, the Plaza Santo Secreto company will create a commercial plaza with shops, a food area and restaurants, focused on the integration of local culture, a project in which 120 million pesos will be invested and will create 110 direct and indirect jobs.

Also, the construction of the Hotel del Encomendero was completed with 60 rooms of Yucatecan concept, focused on cultural tourism and wellness, it will consist of a haute cuisine restaurant, as well as luxury suites and private pools, all through an investment of 70 million pesos and the generation of 260 direct and indirect jobs.

Grupo Inmobiliaria Codi del Sureste will build the Country Hotel, with 50 suite-style rooms, areas such as a restaurant, pool, multipurpose room and more amenities. The investment will be 40 million pesos and it is expected to generate 45 direct and indirect jobs.

Meanwhile, Grupo Impetu, with its Chichikan project, will develop an ecotourism park with the aim of sharing the importance of the Mayan culture, care and love for nature; this with an investment of 36 million pesos and the generation of 55 direct and indirect jobs. 

In addition, the Hotel Los Frailes will be built, with nine single rooms, eight double rooms, two suites, a commercial premises, a pool, a beverage center and a large parking lot with an investment of 32 million pesos and the creation of 65 jobs. direct and indirect.

To these projects are added Casa Jabín, a boutique hotel with a private cenote that will have up to 30 rooms, with an investment of 30 million pesos and the generation of 100 direct and indirect jobs.

On the other hand, it will erect the Hotel Waye that will have 22 luxurious rooms, each one with unique decoration based on the Mayan worldview of the destination and in which 30 million pesos will be invested and will create 59 direct and indirect jobs.

The Mesones de Valladolid Group will also invest more than 28 million pesos in its two projects: a luxury boutique hotel, with a friendly concept and connection with nature, for which 23 million pesos will be allocated and will generate 450 direct jobs and indirect; and the outdoor terrace-bar of the Hotel El Mesón del Marqués overlooking the main square of the city and a restaurant with gourmet cuisine, bar service, cocktails and mixology in which 5.5 million pesos will be invested, in the latter 132 direct and indirect jobs will be generated.

The Beutour company will make an investment of 16 million pesos with the construction of Villas Vallazoo, a recreational park with a zoo, green recreational areas, miniature golf, lagoons and villas for lodging; it is expected to generate 18 direct jobs. 

With an investment of 16 million pesos, Grupo Provalia will build the second phase of the Hotel Posada San Juan, which consists of eight first-class rooms, gardens, pool, parking and common areas, promising an environmentally friendly structure thanks to the generation of electrical energy using solar cells and wastewater treatment; 175 direct and indirect jobs are foreseen.

The Habitum Group will invest 15 million pesos in Finca Kante, a real estate development with 106 urbanized residential lots with a clubhouse, tennis court, parking, gym, heated area for 80 people and another for children in the same conditions, also kitchen , pet park, central park with playground and green areas; 15 direct jobs will be created in this project. 

La Hotelera Itzáes, projects the Xuux Peek by Tecnohotel, a development of six rooms and six accommodation modules with a cenote. For this, an investment of 15 million pesos and the creation of 300 direct and indirect jobs is estimated.

In Aldea Yunchén, a tourist complex that integrates communities, 15 million pesos will be invested in a cenote, Mayan village and crops. It will generate 340 direct and indirect jobs.

Paparazzi Valladolid, will be an Italian restaurant, pizzeria and bar that will be installed in that city with an investment of 12 million pesos and the creation of 50 direct and indirect jobs.

Saastah Hotel Boutique will build a boutique hotel with 10 rooms, friendly with the environment and that seeks to promote the Mayan culture; will invest 11.5 million pesos to create 10 direct jobs.

Through an investment of 10 million pesos and 230 new direct and indirect jobs, the Zazil Tunich hotel will have five cabins with a cenote in a cavern. Grupo Coqui Coqui will carry out a room as a boutique hotel with a showroom of handicrafts in textiles, natural fibers and suede with 6.8 million pesos and the generation of 119 direct and indirect jobs.

Like La Casa del Encomendero, it will have a unique suite, for a high-level overnight stay, in a private environment, with amenities and 24-hour staff through an investment of 4 million pesos and the creation of 45 direct and indirect jobs.

Grupo ADO will offer Turibús Valladolid, a tourist transport service that will tour the main attractions of the city, with an investment of 800 thousand pesos and the creation of 55 direct and indirect jobs.

Photo: Abraham Bote

Likewise, Grupo X´caret endorsed its investment of more than 2,800 million pesos with the Xibalbá theme park, which will have eight closed, open and semi-open type cenotes, as well as three boutique hotels with 30 rooms each.

Source: lajornadamaya.mx

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