Yucatan surpasses Quintana Roo and Guerrero in tourism investments


During the third day of activities prior to the 45th edition of the Tianguis Turístico de Mérida, the Secretary of Tourism Miguel Torruco Marqués, announced that at the end of last October, Yucatán was placed in the 3rd place with the most tourist investment at the national level, followed by Nayarit and Baja California Sur, being above Quintana Roo in 4th position and Guerrero and CDMX with 5th and 6th place respectively.

These investments are part of the 450 projects that are being carried out nationwide and which will be given more details during the inauguration of the 45th edition of the Tianguis Turístico this November 16 at the International Congress Center of the Yucatecan capital.

Also on the tour carried out by Puerto Progreso were the State Governor, Mauricio Vila Dosal, and the State Secretary for Tourism Development, Michelle Fridman Hirsh, where they supervised the area of ​​new seawalls, the area for improving the urban image. , the Geology Museum, the mural of the  Yucatán es Color campaign , Calle 80, and the Callejón del Amor, among others.

It should be noted that Progreso is considered a tourist link and a border open to commercial exchange with the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, the port is responsible for serving cruise ships and receiving tourist ferries.

Later they moved to the House of Culture of the Port, where the presentation of the investments and products of the Mérida region, Cultural and Gastronomic Capital of the South, as well as the Riviera Yucatan region, was attended by representatives of the Consultative Council and entrepreneurs of Yucatán, which was also intervened as part of the improvement plan in Progreso.

Michelle Fridman, began her presentation by referring to the fact that Yucatán is a destination that is reinventing itself day by day, – it is a destination that is being modernized, that looks towards the future but does not let go of its past -, this being what distinguishes to the entity of other destinations, the roots to its history and culture.

“Today we are presenting two extremely important regions, these being the two that have been undergoing the most transformations in the last three years” – In Mérida, there are a large number of new hotels, such as Camino Real, Residence Inn and Courtyard by Grupo Marriot that recently opened their stores, NH de Paseo 60, the Wayam Hotel, the City Express, Diez Diez Collection and Curio by Hilton, among others; Museums such as Casa Manzanero and Montejo 495, shopping malls such as Paseo 60, which opened in 2019; new products such as Turibus and large investments such as the new Sustainable Stadium, as well as the Yucatán Siglo XXI Convention and Exhibition Center, which will be the headquarters of the Tianguis Turístico that will be held from November 16 to 19 in this Yucatecan capital, and which will allow to receive great events that will bring benefits to the State,

For its part, the Yucatecan Riviera has also made large investments and launched several high-quality projects, such as the Grand Marina Kinuh, Marina Yucalpetén, beach clubs such as Kokomo, hotels such as Xixim – which is currently carrying out a important renovation in its infrastructure-, new restaurants like Almadia and that arrive because Progreso has been transformed.

Fridman Hirsch, recordó que recién había tomado el cargo, se tuvo que hacer un plan de 100 días para que, de la mano del gobierno Municipal y Estatal, se transformara Progreso y así, mantener activa el arribo de cruceros a la entidad, dando inicio a la historia de “El progreso de Progreso”, que ha permitido transformar ambos malecones, generar nuevos y mejores productos turísticos, museos nuevos, plazas comerciales, playas certificadas con Blue Flag, las mejoras en el nuevo puerto de arribo como el mural de bienvenida de la mano de la API.

He assured that, with the return of the shipping companies, the sustained growth rate that had been reported since 2019 will be recovered and that until the first two months of 2020, prior to the pandemic, it reported an increase of 50% in the arrival of passengers per cruise; therefore, from now on, the arrival of more shipping companies, more cruise ships and more tourists is expected to generate more development and, in turn, there will be more business opportunities that generate employment and transformation to Progreso “

For his part, Mauricio Vila Dosal, thanked Secretary Torruco for his words and all the businessmen for the investment made in the State of approximately 27 thousand million pesos in tourism throughout the State and that thanks to the joint work, so many and big changes in the Yucatan tourism industry. -Being up in investment in states like Guerrero or Quintana Roo is no small thing and that is what is happening in Yucatan and this speaks of how well the destination is doing, because not only the jobs lost during the pandemic have been recovered , but generated 8 thousand more jobs, having a historical record before the IMSS of almost 400 thousand formal jobs.

After the presentation, they went to Yucalpetén to take a tour of another of the projects that will attract national and international tourism such as  Yucaltepetén Resorts and Marina, a park complex, a beach club hotel, a marina for 110 boats and an area commercial expected to be completed in the summer of 2023.

In total, the projects for the Mérida Region, Cultural and Gastronomic Capital of the South, represent a private investment of $ 14,208,070,000; while for the Yucatan Riviera it is $ 2,999,000,000.

At noon, at the International Congress Center (CIC), they participated in the unveiling of the Global Competitiveness Seal PCO Meetings Mexico, and Lic. Armando Casares Espinosa was protested as the new president of the Mexican Association of Destination Management Companies ( AMDEMAC).

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