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How many marijuana plants can I grow in the backyard? Mexican Senate must approve by December 15th

- November 21, 2021

“Basically, the consumer is legally recognized they will be able to plant a certain number of plants in their yard,” explained Senator Imelda Castro from Sinaloa.

In this ordinary legislative period, the Senate of the Republic will approve the regulation of the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana, especially because it is an order of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

That is, the rulings for the regularization of marijuana must be approved before December 15 of this year 2021 and with that, they say better times for the farmers of the cannabis-producing areas in Sinaloa, said Senator Imelda Castro Castro.  

“There are more benefits that the regulation of the use of cannabis in different aspects will bring than the damage it may have because the damage has already been caused by the clandestine and illicit way that it has been used and I believe that better times are coming for the peasants of cannabis-producing areas. Sinaloa is at an important point for it and I have always mentioned it, “she said.

She specified that in the first stage in the modification of the Law, consumers will be able to plant a maximum of seven plants in the backyard of their house without infringing any crime or being illegal. 

“Basically, the consumer is legally recognized and once he shows that he is a consumer, They will be able to plant a certain number of plants in theeir yard, I think there are seven maximums. But hey, there are specific provisions in the Law and in all that aspect ”, she explained.

The senator of the Republic specified that the first step is recognition as a consumer, medicinal use and the issue of industrialization enters another chain because all this will be gradually regulated.

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