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Cartel Capo and Narco hitman arrested in Chelem Yucatan

- February 4, 2022

The drug trafficker and leader of hitmen in Quintana Roo Johny Israel Nájera Flores (a) “El Johny” was transferred tonight amid a strong security device to the neighboring state to be placed at the disposal of the ministerial authority.

The foregoing was confirmed to PRESIDIO by sources from the National Guard (GN), which was in charge of coordinating with the Mexican Army and State Police the extraction of the dangerous criminal and the subsequent operation for his transfer.

As reported, around 6:15 p.m. the offender was taken from the “Star Médica” hospital where he was admitted on Monday, January 31 at night, and taken to the Public Security Complex located on the Mérida Peripheral.

In convoy, the federal and state police went to the facilities of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), where they arrived 25 minutes later.

An arrest commander from the State Investigative Police was waiting for him there, at the request of his counterparts from the Quintana Roo Prosecutor’s Office, who notified him of his formal arrest through the legal document.

“El Johny” was briefly admitted to the SSP cell area to carry out the procedure, under the custody of armed elements of the National Guard, and was later boarded again in a closed van to carry out his transfer to Quintana Roo.

As reported through a live report the night of his admission to the private hospital in the north of the Yucatecan capital ( facebook.com/PresidioOnline/videos/2460568997411756 ), Nájera Flores was shot in Bacalar after being “kidnapped” by a rival group that disputes the drug market in Quintana Roo.

He had just left the Cozumel prison and was kidnapped with his sentimental partner, who was shot to death, while he was found alive and transferred to a hospital, where he spent three days before being taken to Mérida to be treated by a shot in the arm.

“El Johny” is the leader of a criminal group called “La Barredora”, which operates in the northern area of ​​Quintana Roo, is dedicated to highly dangerous criminal activities, and is part of “Los Pelones”.

While he was admitted to Mérida, the Yucatecan Police set up a security cordon around the “Star Medica” hospital to prevent any command from trying to rescue or finish him off, until today he was discharged and returned to his place of origin in good health. health condition.

At the same time that “El Johny” was supposedly taken from the hospital, PRESIDIO had the report of intense police movement in a luxurious house on the Yucatecan coast.

Around 6 pm, several units of the SSP special group GOERA arrived at the port of Chelem.

According to the report, the heavily armed elements spent several hours in a property with palapas facing the sea located between Chelem and Chuburná, at the entrance known as “Cantra”.

Later, an ambulance arrived at the residence, which made the residents think that the dangerous narco from Quintana Roo was there and was taken to hide while he recovered because at the same time in the afternoon they saw the presence of numerous state elements.

Once the ambulance was escorted away, all the other units and elements of the SSP did the same, minutes after 6 in the afternoon. The criminal, as indicated above, arrived at the SSP building at 6:40.

Source: presidiomx.com

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